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A New Contributor to the South East Queensland Economy

A landmark destination, bringing unparalleled benefits to the Redlands Coast

The Toondah Harbour precinct will bring much-needed economic benefits to the Redlands Coast, including the creation of local employment opportunities and ongoing tourism.

Benefiting local businesses, Redlands residents, visitors and the wider community for generations to come, Toondah Harbour will transform Cleveland into an exciting new destination that locals will be proud to call their own.

Artist’s impression only, subject to change

Exposure and growth for local businesses

Toondah Harbour will bring an estimated 50,000 additional visitors to the Redlands Coast each year, injecting $17 million in new income for local businesses in Cleveland, North Stradbroke and the Bay islands.

Artist’s impression only, subject to change

Artist’s impression only, subject to change

Bringing more local jobs to the region

The construction of Toondah Harbour will create significant employment opportunities for Redlands locals. More than 1,000 full-time equivalent jobs will be supported each year during the building phase. Once completed, there will be an estimated 500 ongoing jobs in retail, commercial and tourism-related activities.

Artist’s impression only, subject to change

Building a skilled workforce

With a world-class ferry precinct, marina and recreational boating facilities, tourism and entertainment experiences and more, local Redlands residents will have access to training and skills development opportunities beyond anything else in the region.

Artist’s impression only, subject to change

Artist’s impression only, subject to change

Boosting the economy

Toondah Harbour will be a transformational project for the future economic prosperity of Redlands and south east Queensland. It will contribute more than $3.7 billion of direct and indirect economic benefits during the minimum 15-year construction period and make an estimated $34.8 million annual contribution to gross regional product.

Joining in a successful legacy

Toondah Harbour will require a capital investment of more than $1.3 billion by one of Australia’s most trusted and visionary private developers, Walker Corporation. As the company behind Sydney’s iconic Woolloomooloo and the award-winning King Street Wharf precincts, Queensland’s Hope Island and the massive Senibong Cove project in Malaysia, Toondah Harbour is in very safe hands.

Walker Corporation

Artist’s impression only, subject to change


Latest news from Toondah Harbour’s project team

Sun and sand at Toondah Harbour!

Redland Coast’s first ever beach park is coming to the shores of the new Toondah Harbour! Summer holidays in the Redlands never looked so good.

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Meet urban designer Craig Addley, the creative mind behind the vision for Toondah Harbour

Growing up in the Redlands, Toondah Harbour urban designer Craig Addley has a strong connection and love for the bayside but a lack of jobs, amenities and infrastructure sent him packing for the city as a young adult.

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Creating opportunities for aspiring youth

Local youth want to stay living in the Redlands for the next 5-10 years but say the lack of work experience opportunities and local jobs prevents them from achieving their career goals.

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Talk Toondah Sessions

In mid-2020, a series of ‘Talk Toondah’ sessions were held to provide an opportunity for community members to ask questions of the consultants undertaking the technical assessments for the environmental impact statement (EIS), which is currently being prepared for the Toondah Harbour project.

If you missed out on attending the Talk Toondah sessions, complete the form below to register your interest in any upcoming events, information sessions and more.

There are a number of videos that were recorded as part of the first series of Talk Toondah sessions, these are available to view on our Talk Toondah page.

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