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Toondah Harbour

Masterplan Talk Toondah Recording

Saturday 1st August 2020, 11:00am

Questions answered during the session:

Responses to unanswered questions from the Masterplan Talk Toondah Recording session

What compensation can be expected by people who now have magnificent natural views of the Moreton Bay Ramsar site but will be looking out on a residential development?

The Toondah Harbour project will provide generational benefits for the entire Redlands community and South East Queensland. It will deliver economic benefit and assist with growing a sustainable tourism industry. The urban design approach has been designed to preserve and enhance view corridors through the development.

How would this development be considered in the "urgent national interest" especially when it could take 20 years to complete?

"Urgent national interest" is a concept that a Contracting Party to the Ramsar Convention may apply when it invokes its right to delete from, or restrict the boundaries of, a Ramsar site. At this time, no deletion or restriction of the boundary of the Moreton Bay Ramsar site is proposed.

What are the capital costs and ongoing maintenance costs that Redland City Council will have to carry?

The design will include consideration of minimising long term maintenance and capital costs. A number of initiatives to reduce the cost burden to council are reflected in the designs and commercial agreements. Council was actively involved in the specification, sizing and location of key elements of public realm. There are also opportunities for income to Council (for example from the port). We have seen nothing to suggest the burden to council will be any higher than alternative development in another location.

Will Walkers be publishing the questions from this and other sessions for future reference and follow up?

The questions and answers from Talk Toondah sessions will be published, along with responses to questions that were not able to be addressed during the session.

Will these recorded information sessions be posted/ made available?