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Toondah Harbour

Coastal Processes, Water Quality and Aquatic Ecology Talk Toondah recording

Saturday 1st August 2020, 1:30pm

Questions answered during the session:

Responses to unanswered questions from the Coastal Processes, Water Quality and Aquatic Ecology Talk Toondah recording session

We often see dugongs at Raby Bay - quite close to the shore

Thankyou for your comment regarding dugong being frequently observed in Raby Bay.
The eastern banks support the greatest number of dugong in Moreton Bay - with over 90% of the population using that area. However, dugong are also found in the southern bay area, including Raby Bay. It is thought the eastern banks area is favoured by dugong due to relatively clear water, the seagrass communities there are the ones they prefer, boat traffic is light, and deep-water refugia is close by (Lanyon et al., 2019).
Frc environmental would be keen to know how often you see dugong in Raby Bay, what time of year, and where you see them. Please contact the Community Engagement Team via and they will pass the information along to Carol.

In view of significant species loss globally. How do the environmental experts justify loss of maritime land that has global protection?

While some habitat for significant species will be impacted by the development, this has to be put in the context of the value of the habitat at the local level as well as the wider Moreton Bay Ramsar site level. It is also important to understand how those species affected might react to an impact such as this. These studies are currently being undertaken for the EIS and will be made available for public comment once completed.

Will these recorded information sessions be posted/ made available please?